How to Calculate to Correct Bicycle Size

If you are a bike rider, you need to know how to calculate the correct bike size for your own comfort and safety. If you have a bike that fits well, you will use it regularly. To get the correct size, you will need to be aware of your own measurements.

There are bike-sizing charts which say about stand-over height and top-tube length. You will need to know your measurements for you to understand such chart. The first thing to do would be to put on your cycling shoes and stand behind a wall. Make sure your feet are a shoulder apart. Get a large coffee book and put its spine against the crotch and as far away as it can go. The lower edge of your book must be placed against a door. To obtain your inseam length, get someone to measure the upper edge of the book down to the ground.

While the book is still in its original place, measure the upper edge of your book to your neck's "V" located above the sternum. This shall be the measurement of the length of your torso.

Take off the book as you will need the measurements of the length of your arm. Outstretch an arm to the sides to make it parallel to the ground and then make a fist. The thumb must be the one close to the ceiling. Take the measurements of your collarbone's end down to the middle of your fist. This is measurement of the length of your arm.

You will need to know your clearance which is the bike's stand-over height subtracted from your inseam length. If you want a road bike, it needs 1 to 2 inches of clearance. If you want a mountain bike, this shall require 2 to 4 inches of clearance.

The top-tube length is another vital measurement in bike sizing charts. To get the right top-tube length, you will need to add the measurement of your arm length and torso length and divide the sum by two and subtract six. The outcome would be the size of the top-tube length in inches. When you follow these measurements, you would be able to get the proper size of the bike.

It is important to also calculate the size of the bike frame. Bikes have various sizes that fit individuals of a certain body type or size. It is an important factor to get the right frame size so as to have a safe and comfortable ride. The size of a bike frame has been measured in centimeters or inches but currently, they are nonlinear and more streamlined; thus, bike sizes are measured whether they are small, medium, large or extra large.

To get the correct bike frame size, find the seat tube's top and measure this down to the middle of the bike's bottom bracket. This is the measurement of the frame size and should be in either centimeters or inches. For instance, if your measurement is 24 inches, the bike's frame size is therefore 24 inches.

Now that you have the frame size, multiply this by 2.42 so as to get the measurement in centimeters. If you wish to get the number in inches, just multiply the measurement by .39. You should therefore get the measurement in both inches and centimeters as there are manufacturers that have the frame size in centimeters or in inches. If you have a measurement that is equivalent to 55.7 centimeters, round this off to 56 centimeters, thus the frame size of your bike should be this measurement.

You need to calculate the correct bicycle size and frame size if you wish to be safe and at ease while riding your bike.


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